Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tudung Crown

Tudung Crown ni dari Indonesia. Sulam tangan and memang cantik gila! Harga kitorang lagi murah dr blogshop lain *macam biasa la hehehe* Korang boleh request colour tudung and colour sulam kalau nk order. Yang ready stock pn ada but tinggal sket je. Kalau nk order, email kat -

Contact no:
Colour tudung and sulam:

Monday, July 19, 2010

Brand new Evening Gorgeous dress RM55 including postage

(truest colour)
pssst: it's VOIR :)

Brand new withou tag.
Fits S (m and l as well)
A very gorgeous and charming evening dress.
Creamy colour and a very sweet and simple dress :)
E-mail me for the details.
RM55 including postage (The real price is RM70++)
Code: B 200


Pre-loved Kimono with sweet small blue flowers RM25 including postage

Worn once only.
Free size (xs-l)
This Kimono will make you look curvy and slimmer! :)
E-mail me for the details.
RM25 including postage.
Code: P 200


Brand new Puffy short sleeves cute dress RM25 including postage

Sooooo cute :)

(truest colour)

Brand new without tag and never worn!
Free size (xs-m)
Very soft material :)
You will look very cute in this dress! :D
E-mail me for the details.
RM 25 including postage
Code: B100


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pre-loved Lacey Dress RM50 including postage

Worn once for only about 3hours. (it is for my annual dinner :P)
Light-pink colour. (first pic is the truest colour i can get)
Free size. (fits xs-m)
E-mail me for the details.
RM 50 including postage.
Code: P100

It will fit your body perfectly! and you will look like a barbie doll :) trust me ♥